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Feb 12, 2016


Karcher have introduced a new "Park & City" range of professional equipment, the first products of which are a battery powered chainsaw and leaf blower.
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Posted by: pptadmin

We are pleased to announce that our new range of Park & City Solution products are now available.

The new range of professional handheld power tools are powered by 50v Li-Ion technology. With interchangeable batteries that can last over 3 hours and can be fully recharged in less than an hour.

The high-performance Leaf Blower and Chainsaw deliver up to 90% lower lifetime costs than combustion models, with emission-free operation, 50% less noise and an 80% reduction in vibrations – perfect for prolonged periods of use.

No Emissions

By not using a combustion engine, the CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 100% when in use. This protects the environment and the customers wallet.

Low Vibrations

Battery operated power tools generate up to 80% fewer vibrations than petrol powered units. As a result, very long periods of work can be managed without the operator getting tired.

Low Noise Levels

Battery technology reduces noise levels by up to 50%. This allows the equipment to be used in noise-sensitive places such as schools and residential areas.

More Power Due To 50v Technology

Faster charging times, more power, higher efficiency and cost-effectiveness.