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Mar 5, 2019

Trailer Pressure Washer Rental

Our rental stock now includes the Karcher HDS 13/35 Tr1 self contained very high pressure trailer pressure washer.
Category: General
Posted by: pptadmin

The Karcher HDS 13/35 Tr1 is a fully self-contained diesel powered trailer mounted very high pressure hot water pressure washer.  It is particularly suited to very heavy duty pressure washing tasks such as industrial cleaning, graffiti removal, anti-fouling cleaning etc.  At full r.p.m. the unit delivers 21 litres per minute at 350 bar pressure, at 1/4 throttle. it still delivers 200 bar pressure making it highly flexible hot pressure washer.

This machine is a road-legal towable unit with a 500 litre built in water tank. Training is provided to new users. Enquiries to David Newby or Paul Sullivan on 01208 78677.