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May 15, 2014

Solar Panel Cleaning

Karcher's new solar panel cleaning systems ensure maximum performance of solar panel arrays.  Build up of dirt reduces efficiency of the solar panels resulting in lost revenue.
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Debris from dust, soot and pollen can reduce the output of photovoltaic systems and solar thermal energy modules by up to 20 %. The natural power of rain, condensation and wind are nowhere near strong enough to clean the modules effectively. The systems require regular, thorough cleaning in order to be able to produce a consistently high level of power.

This equipment can be utilised by external service providers or solar energy farm staff members.

Due to the large, enclosed surfaces of the modules, in most cases, thorough cleaning with just water and a sponge is not really feasible. This would also be far too dangerous, given that the modules are often positioned at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees on top of the roof. With iSolar, Kärcher has developed innovative accessories to solve this problem for professional pressure washers. iSolar is a modular construction which allows the safe and efficient cleaning of photovoltaic systems of any size. Rotating disc brushes attached to telescopic lances of various lengths are fed with water from the pressure washer.

In fact, low pressure operation is sufficient for this task, since cleaning is carried out by the rotating brushes themselves. This removes any risk of damaging the modules.