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Kärcher HDS Trailer De Tr1

Self-sufficient hot water, high-pressure cleaning at 500 bar pressure! The HDS 9/50 with powerful diesel engine and trailer base is the perfect choice for construction sites, in industry or in the municipal sector. If very high pressure not critical the HDS 13/350 Tr1 offers 350 bar at 1300 litres per hour.

Product features:

The HDS 9/50 generates 500 bar pressure, offers a high degree of mobility and is part of the machine class of trailer-based hot water high-pressure cleaners. Thanks to its powerful diesel engine, the machine works entirely independently of power sources in any conceivable place.

These are available in a number of configurations ranging in maximum pressure from 200 bar up to 500 bar.

Technical specifications:

Technical Data HDS 13/20 De Tr1 HDS17/20 De Tr1 HDS 13/35 De Tr1 HDS 9/50 De Tr1
Water flow (l/h) 900-1300 900-1700 650-1300 500-900
Pressure (bar) 60-200 60-200 100-350 150-500
Max temp (oC) - - - -
Power rating (kW/PS) 19/26 19/26 19/26 19/26
Diesel consumption full load (kg/h) 11.3 11.8 12.4 9.7
Capacities, fuel (l) - - - -
Capacities, detergent (l) - - - -
Weight, dry (kg) - - - -
Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 3646x1747x1735 3646x1747x1735 3646x1747x1735 3646x1747x1735
Order nos. 1.524-520.203 1.524-520.201 1.524-520.204 1.524-520.202

PPT price: call 01208 78677 for pricing

Call for site survey

To help ensure outstanding lifetime performance of your new Kärcher product and validity of the warranty, we will carry out a site survey and consultation prior to accepting an order. Please call for further information.


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