PPT Services supply a wide range of high performance cleaning detergents as used in our own car washes.  We supply: – 

TFR, Wax & Rinse plus Alloy Cleaner: – All your Car cleaning detergents.

Traffic Film Remover a highly effective detergent specially formulated for vehicle washing, supplied in 5, 25 and 200 litre drums

Wax rinse, a combination rinse aid and wax formulated for use in pressure wash systems (can be supplied in 5 and 25 litre drums)

Traffic Film Remover Concentrate for customers whose equipment has dosing systems which will meter concentrated TFR (can be supplied in 5, 25 and 200 litre drums)

Alloy wheel cleaner, mildly acidic cleaner specially formulated for cleaning alloy wheels and aluminium sheet metal (supplied in 500ml spray bottles or in 5 and 25 litre drums)

  • Bio hard surface cleaner, a bio-degradable detergent for floor cleaning with high pressure and medium pressure wash systems (supplied in 25 litre drums only)

We also are registered dealers in controlled oils and supply Kerosene 28 second, light fuel oil for use in burners of hot water pressure washers (supplied in 25 litre drums).

Karcher Floor Deep Cleaner RM 69 ASF

RM 69

Powerful cleaner, effortlessly removes stubborn oil, grease, soot and mineral soiling from floors and industrial floors.

Price £ 41.99 + vat

RM 91 AGRI Foam Cleaner Alkaline

RM 91

The foam cleaner has excellent grease-dissolving properties and effortlessly removes organic material such as animal waste and dirt. Ideal for cleaning poultry, pig and cattle sheds as well as milking parlours.

Price £44.00 + vat

Karcher RM 667 500ml Rim Cleaner


The Kärcher wheel cleaner gel gently removes brake dust, winter grit and other road dirt from all types of steel, light metal and alloy wheel rims. The clever colour change indicates when the cleaner can be rinsed off. This wheel cleaning gel is easy to apply thanks to the effective gel formula.

Price £7.90 + vat

Karcher – 3-in-1 Ultra Foam Cleaner 1 Litre.

Karcher Chemical Foam Cleaner

Price £7.49 + vat

  • Extra Foam Booster for powerful, adhering and extremely effective foam
  • Removes dirt typically found on vehicles such as dirt from the street, dust, remains of leaves or organic deposits etc.
  • Ideal for cleaning vehicles, motorcycles, caravans, and boats
  • For use with Kärcher foam nozzles
  • Tensides biodegradable in accordance with OECD
  • NTA free
  • Ready to use cleaning agent (RTU)
  • Fast and efficient cleaning in combination with a Kärcher high-pressure cleaner and a Kärcher foam nozzle