Karcher HDS 13/35 De Tr1

The HDS 13/35 trailer can be used self-sufficiently and reaches pressures of 350 bar. It is the perfect solution for hot water high-pressure cleaning in the municipal sector, at construction sites and in industry.

Price £poa

Municipal (cleaning public open spaces, traffic routes, removing graffiti and chewing gum)
Construction (cleaning construction machines, scaffolding, casing, equipment)
Industrial cleaning (removing paint and coatings, cleaning machines, parts and equipment)

The real trump card of the HDS 13/35 is its mobility. The hot water pressure washer generates pressures of 350 bar, works entirely independently of any power source and is therefore completely flexible in terms of its application – for example on construction, agricultural sites, in industry and in the municipal sector. The freely configurable cleaning machine is an absolute all-rounder thanks to its reliability, efficiency, ease of servicing and operating comfort.