Karcher K5 Power Control Car & Home

Whatever the cleaning job, the powerful Kärcher K 5 Power Control Car and Home pressure washer gives you the perfect pressure. Whether you’re cleaning the car or shifting stubborn dirt off the patio. This model comes with a Car & Home Kit, which includes a wash brush, foam nozzle, patio cleaner and detergent, suitable for all your cleaning needs, from washing away dirt on delicate paintwork on your car, or blasting the stubborn dirt on your patio. Effortlessly switch between tasks with the 3-in-1 Multi Jet lance, designed to save you time while achieving sparkling results. For mess-free cleaning, the Plug ‘n’ Clean detergent system works with the lance to apply detergent simply and efficiently. Always have Kärcher on hand with the Kärcher App, it contains everything you need from setting up your machine to step by step application guides.

Features and benefits
Power Control trigger gun and spray lances
Gives you direct feedback as to the pressure setting you are on, ensuring you get the right pressure setting for the surface you are trying to clean. The pressure can be regulated by twisting the Vario Power spray lance until the desired level is shown. The LED display on the Full Control trigger gun allows you to easily check the pressure setting you are on.

Parking position for easy accessory storage at all times
The Power Control trigger gun and the connected spray lance can be stored on the pressure washer during cleaning. The Power Control trigger gun is easily accessible. After you have finished, the Power Control trigger gun and spray lances can be stored on the pressure washer to save space.

Plug and Clean
Quick and easy application of detergents through the pressure washer, when in detergent mode. The Plug and Clean detergent can be replaced quickly and easily with one simple movement. Kärcher detergents increase efficiency while cleaning, help prevent dirt from returning and help to protect and care for your surface.

£296.00 + VAT – £355.99 incl. VAT

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